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Project photography credit: Franc D'Ambrosio Architecture
We believe smart building is necessary if we are to improve our quality of life - and the sustainability of it.

By integrating design, performance, and cost, markeHOUSE helps you get maximum value from your project.

This is our work, purpose, and passion.

Why markeHOUSE? Because the design - bid - build process is broken. It’s inefficient - it’s risky. People’s dream home build is often wrought with stress; they are uncertain, frustrated, and don’t get what they want.

People - and the planet - want energy-efficiency, unique design, and cost-effectiveness.

How do you add value? markeHOUSE represents the collective knowledge of many industry experts, enabling a seamless and successful project. Working with owners and the whole design-build team, we integrate design, performance, and cost at every step.

This saves money, mitigates risk, and delivers a superior product.

So, what do you...do? We listen - we explore options - then help navigate decisions. With the markeHOUSE expert network, we inform best strategies, good decisions, and better building practices.

Working together with clients, designers, engineers, and builders, we ensure your project’s potential is realized.


PMP, B. ENG "Shelter is a fundamental need. And it has a significant impact on our environment. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well."

JP has designed industrial components for oil-fields, telescopes, and autonomous underwater vehicles. But his passion lies in sustainable homebuilding.

He dreams of building his own house and sustainable acreage. So after years of engineering and industrial design, JP jumped at the chance to build someone’s custom home and immediately fell in love with building. From finishing carpentry, to design, to project management, he has now contributed to the success of numerous multi-million dollar, award-winning projects in Victoria, BC and always looks to push the envelope.

Engineering equips JP with a first-principles understanding of building science and integrated design approach that are necessary for maximizing the potential of high-performance homes.

Lee Lange, Lee Lange, R-2000 Certified, Building Science Instructor

"As a specialist in sustainable buildings, I go to markeHOUSE for the best current techniques, technologies and procedures to achieve optimal construction solutions. Their understanding of the 'house as a system' delivers the best long-term building performance and project value. Their grasp on sequencing the myriad of decisions makes for a smooth building process. I highly recommend their services.”

Jonathan Hackett, Toronto clients

"Working with markeHOUSE was great. They brought a level of originality to the process that helped us create something truly special. Our backyard is now our secret oasis in the city and every time I lay back on the built-in reclining bench I appreciate how creative the design is."

Nathan Flach B.COMM M.ARCH MRAIC, D’Ambrosio Architecture

"JP’s skill and passion for building and sustainability really show in his attention to details and thoughtfulness in dealing with contractors and clients. He was instrumental in the successful realization of a one-of-a-kind, award-winning project, and was a pleasure to work with."

Victor + Lucie, Amblewood clients

"JP was a pleasure to work with! His skills and passion for building really showed every step of the way. JP had wonderful eye for detail and was instrumental in helping us create a home we are proud to share with our friends. He also designed for us a ceiling feature which has been complemented ever since. We would full heartedly recommend him to our friends and family!"

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