Project photography credit: Franc D'Ambrosio Architecture

Sustainable makes sense.
Make informed decisions.

Create a healthy environment. Sustainable construction is your key to an efficient durable home and resilient investment.

praesent_video Project photography credit: Franc D'Ambrosio Architecture


Solutions for sustainable building have existed for decades and there are more options than ever before. The hardest part is knowing which solutions are best for your lifestyle and budget.

markeHOUSE presents you with all the options and helps you select the most strategic path.

Green building exists on a spectrum from energy-efficiency to embodied energy to recyclability. We find your best sustainability strategy by integrating knowledge of building science, material properties, costs, and industry trends.


"We wanted an easy cost-effective building system."


"High-performance windows were the best money we spent."


"Every day we appreciate our natural ventilation and indoor air quality."